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An Invitation

Are you a Christian in the liturgical tradition? Welcome! One of the purposes of this blog is to provide a place for Christians in liturgical churches to meet. Resources are also posted to help you strengthen your faith. This all takes place in a “safe” setting where debates or criticisms of beliefs held by liturgical churches are simply not allowed, just honest discussion.

Are You a Christian From Another Type of Church? Once again, welcome! Visitors from other traditions within Christianity are also welcome.  It’s my hope that you’ll find that the content posted here enriches your faith. As the number of liturgical resources listed grows, I’m hoping that non-liturgical congregations will also find them helpful for their congregation’s growth.

Have You Given Up on Christianity? Welcome, and please don’t give up on all of us yet. While this site is not intended to replace membership in a local congregation, I hope it will help you look at things in another way. The perspective of this site uses Scripture as the final authority while looking to the wisdom of the earliest Christian leaders for help in understanding key doctrines.

To all: Come, taste and see that the LORD is good.

One Body and One Spirit

Cyber Instructed Eucharist (1979 BCP liturgy)

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Technology/Internet for the Parish

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If you’ve been blessed by anything on this site, please feel free to make a small donation. Thank you 🙂

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