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About Me

I’ve lived in Texas for several years but am a New Englander by birth, with the alleged Boston accent to prove it  :). Currently, I’m in the Diocese of Northwest Texas.

By profession, I’m an e-commerce store owner, part-time merchandiser, and, of course, blogger.  I’ve also been trying my hand at becoming a sometimes-novelist, with one story involving a family’s escape from a cult .

Eventually, I hope to run my mom’s and my online store as a full-time business. I’ve also been a lay Eucharistic minister in my local parish, which involves assisting in distributing communion and reading the Bible lessons or intercessory prayers.

In addition to the pages that were formerly part of my Liturgical Christianity Portal site, I have added a section that copes with PTSD, depression and related issues, as well as a section on anthropology and sociology topics. This site is a true work-in-progress.

I do allow some of the content to be reprinted with permission, feel free to ask me about appropriate restrictions. I’m pretty fair about it :

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  1. what church to you go to in texas

  2. Hi,
    I’m Episcopal Church-USA

  3. 🙂

  4. I’ve spent some time checking out your various pages and the links you provide. I will definitely be visiting again.

    I hope you don’t mind if I use a short quote
    It’s often assumed that the conception of Jesus just happened without any agreement on Mary’s part. While the Virgin Birth is recorded by both Matthew and Luke, only Luke records this remarkable meeting between Gabriel and Mary. Mary believes the unbelievable, and accepts it as being from God.”
    from you post on “Why Would God Pick Someone Like Me?” in a posting I would like to do a website I belong to, Christian Women Take Root.

    I won’t post it until I hear from you that you do or don’t grant me permission.

    Here’s a link to my website, http://divinelydesigned.us/ and to the website I mentioned, Christian Women Take Root: http://christianwomentakeroot.com/

  5. Hey, ecommerce eh? My husband and I own a website design company in Alabama. Nice to meet you! 🙂

  6. Read your page on Sacraments. Its what I thought about Anglican belief. Surprised that the Anglican Communion Covenant talks about 2 sacraments and the “historic episcopate” .. but nothing else!
    How do you understand its meaning?

  7. Hi RC,

    Thanks for your post.

    I believe that there actually are 7 sacraments. Baptism and Communion are obviously the sacraments that are most important in one’s Christian life. I think these 2 are necessary because they’re commanded by Christ, but the other 5 have sufficient Scriptural evidence for being sacraments. IMB, if something has a “sacramental nature”, it’s a sacrament.

    I do think the historic episcopate should be retained, too. While the Bible doesn’t necessarily say to ordain in the exact same way contemporary Anglicans do, I think the HE does follow the tradition of the early Church.

  8. I may be leaving this in the wrong place, but I wanted to send you an email and ask you if you’re going to discuss the recent “full communion with the Moravians”. I think you could have a good posting out of that…I know I’ve some questions based on the video I saw of the service. Greetings and best regards, Kelso (your 1928 BCP maven)

    • Hi Kelso,
      That is a great idea for a post. I think that the Moravian Church is a denomination many people are unfamiliar with and probably curious about.

      I forgot to mention on the page that suggestions for new posts are always welcome. If you guys would like to see something discussed, feel free to add a wee note here and I’ll see about a new posting 🙂

  9. Well, looks like we struck out on the Moravian topic for discussion. Sorry, I thought it would be interesting to folks, but turns out I was your only poster. Best regards, Kelso

  10. I’d hoped a few more visitors would join in, too. I did recently set up a Facebook page for the blog, so I’m hoping that maybe some traffic will come in from there.

  11. Would like to email you with some typos, not really suited for a blog.

  12. thank you for your kind words on Apollo’s Blog. 🙂 God Bless!

  13. I found your blog while searching “Collect for Purity”. I will definitely return. Nice site!

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