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A Museum with a World of Wonders

Boston science museum demonstration

The Museum of Science Has It All

The Museum of Science has been fascinating visitors since 1951. What started off as a humble meeting of the Boston Society of Natural History in 1830 has become one of the leading museums in the United States. Visitors of all age groups can come here to learn more about science and technology in innovative ways, complete with member tickets and hotel packages if you so choose. Over 700 exhibits offer something for everyone.

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Many fun exhibits are featured at the museum. A few of the permanent exhibits are:

  • A Bird’s World, a tour of Acadia National Park, complete with authentic bird sounds
  • New England Habitats detailed dioramas of New England wildlife and habitats in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont
  • The Live Animal Care Center features over 50 diverse species that are stars of traveling programs and presentations
  • The Butterfly Garden,  featuring free-flying butterflies in an enclosed setting with tropical plants
  • The Discovery Center provides hands-on activities for children from live animal interactions to assembling skeletons to examining fossils
  • Mathematica a way to interact with with math, in ways you probably never imagined
  • To the Moon a celebration of where we’ve come with the space program and where we’re going

The Charles Hayden Planetarium

The Charles Hayden Planetarium has long been a favorite attraction at the museum. The Planetarium offers an ideal setting for seeing your favorite stars and constellations. Regular shows are run that offer fascinating glimpses into events in our universe. Some of the shows have even included music from top pop artists.

Mugar Omni Theater, Boston MA

Mugar OMNI Theater

The OMNI Theater features a five-story IMAX screen. This theater uses the latest digital technology, for a fully immersive experience. Some of the movies shown include popular nature-related documntaries.

4-D Digital Cinema

The cinema uses 4D adds touch and smell to the audio/visual experience. A projection system with a polarized light provides a clear picture. Documentary-style nature films and fun kids’ movies are examples of what you might be able to see here.


The simulator is full-motion, allowing you to easily feel like you’re actively involved in the scenario that you’re simulating. The highlights include a roller coaster ride, including an option where you can custom-design the track that you go on. Another exciting choice includes a virtual flight over Boston

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