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The “Covidiocy” Must Stop – Lives Are at Risk

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From Every Form of Covidiocy, Good Lord Deliver US!

The top buzz words of 2020 are probably going to turn out to be “covidiot” or “covidiocy”, or some variations thereof. The pandemic has dominated so much of the news cycle that I’m hesitant to ride that particular wave. However, examples of people’s disregard for others are rampant.

  • Spreading misinformation, including comparing CoVid19 to the flu
  • Failing to hold elected leaders and pundits calling for people to sacrifice themselves for the economy to account
  • People attacking the immunocompromised and elderly for keeping themselves safe

Stop the Misinformation

The 2019 coronavirus isn’t the flu, folks. Yes, we all know that there are some similar symptoms and that the common influenza virus also kills. However, we’re in some uncharted territory with this pandemic and false information benefits nobody.

The more accurate the information we all have about this pandemic is, the better. When the information we have is correct, we will be a better position to resume some amount of normalcy. Most importantly, we and those closest to us will be safer.

By the way: you are not going to take the “mark of the beast” and/or be microchipped if you get vaccinated. Face masks do not cause hyponexia, either.

These types of hoaxes and misinformation campaigns are spread by charlatans, fraudsters and those who otherwise have an interest in causing trouble (sadly, too many such types exist). Please use your common sense and stop letting memes and statuses with debunked and/or disproven information do your thinking for you!

Hold Leaders or Pundits Accountable

It didn’t take very long for certain pundits and politicians who have wrapped themselves in a “pro-life” label to show inconsistency – by lauding the notion of older adults sacrificing themselves for the benefit of the economy. Somehow I suspect that if the “sacrificial seniors” were the parents, grandparents or other relatives of those who follow such people, said followers might be singing a different tune.

When people in the public spotlight toss around such notions, they need to be held accountable. Boycott media personalities who promote such ideas, as well as their sponsors and let them know why. In the case of elected officials with poor regard for human lives, vote them out!

Stop Attacking the Immunocompromised/Those Trying to Keep Themselves Safe

People with compromised immune systems can put up with a lot of stuff they shouldn’t have to. One thing they shouldn’t have to cope with is fighting a constant battle against people too selfish to maintain proper space and/or wear a mask. Many of the immunocompromised do work outside the home and have to leave their homes for essentials sometimes.

The very least that people without health issues can do is respect their neighbors/fellow churchgoers/co-workers, etc. and at least not be a serious burden to them. At some point, people need to realize it’s not all about them. Someone with immune issues who must leave their home sometimes deserves the same respect as anyone.

Just somethings to think about in the light of this pandemic.

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