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From a friend of a friend of a friend of another friend –

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“You guys… I can’t. I just can’t. I just logged on… and the first thing my eyes saw was a post about Costco requiring patrons to wear a mask or other face-covering starting next week. There were over SIX HUNDRED comments with (people) having an absolute meltdown. I mean… I’m dumbfounded. Like boycotting/canceling memberships/pouting/foot stomping meltdown. So, I’m just going to give my friends fair warning. I’ve had enough with this trend of self-pity disguised as patriotism.

Things to consider before you clutch your pearls, stomp off indignantly, or get a case of the vapors over this intolerable assault on your human rights…to shop at Costco.

You are not the center of the universe.
-Our supply chain is struggling. Retailers are spread CRAZY thin and can not handle more of their staff being out sick or quarantined if they can help it.
-Hourly retail workers have parents and children and spouses who are medically fragile. And they simply want to work in the safest possible environment. I know, HOW DARE THEY!
-Costco, in particular, has a long history of paying its employees a better wage than any competitors and provides really solid benefits. They are probably a company worth supporting.
Your medically fragile friends and neighbors can stay home to a point. They do need to eat. They do need to pick up prescriptions. No one is asking you to wear a mask at a night club. Of course, medically fragile people don’t NEED to be at a nightclub. They DO need to get groceries and prescriptions.
No business owner wants to end up being sued when an essential retail worker gets sick or infects a bunch of people. Because let’s face it, the government’s promises to handle the financial impacts of this hasn’t exactly panned out for businesses so far.
-There are far bigger assaults on one’s ‘freedom’ and autonomy. Did you know that many adult women can’t get their tubes tied without their partner’s written consent? Blink. Blink. Blink.

Just imagine the amount of privilege and comfort one must live in to be so insulted or tortured by what is, at worst, a mild inconvenience.

So, before you get all Scarlet O’Hara, just stop. Ask yourself if of allllll the battles to pick in this whole wide world, this … THIS … is going to be the cross you choose to bear.

Maybe this is all for nothing. Maybe face coverings aren’t as efficient, or foolproof, or comfortable as we’d like. But, you aren’t being tortured or oppressed. Do those hard-working supply chain workers a solid and get over yourself.

And before I see one more smug, “Well they better be handing masks out at the door then.” Ask yourself why you, a retail shopper, deserve a handout from Costco. We are asking many of our healthcare workers to wear bandanas and t-shirts as masks. You aren’t above it. There are school children all over this country who are sewing masks to give away. If a 7-year-old can be a decent person and choose to make the world a little more comfortable or safe, then so can you.

The bottom line is, don’t be a jerk. Just put a mask on your mouth breathing face and let the greeter see the smile in your eyes as you head off to buy your cases of bottled water, pool floats and cheap premixed margaritas. You’ll be fine.”

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