Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | August 10, 2019

Sending Cleaner Emails

AJ the Irish Lass' Ramblings

A lot of us receive e-mails that we like to forward on to others. There’s certainly nothing wrong with sending nice forwards on to friends, but HOW you forward it has a lot to do with whether you or they run into problems.
What kind of problems? When an e-mail is forwarded without the headers (the headers are the part of the e-mail showing who it’s from, what time it was sent, etc) being removed, everyone who receives a copy of the e-mail sees a list of who it was sent to previously. Not only does this violate others’ privacy, you also don’t know who’s going to receive the e-mail eventually and see your e-mail address. A lot of people collect lists of e-mail addresses from forwarded e-mails and use them to spam people or for other unethical purposes. Another reason is that e-mails forwarded too many times are often…

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