Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | May 12, 2019

Five Rules of Facebook Etiquette, Part 1: Thread Hijacking

She nailed it…people who want to say negative stuff need to keep it on their own timelines

It's My Life

Something happened on Facebook this week that made me contemplate how people act on social media sites and why. It’s been said that people are likely to say things to you via the Internet that they would never have the guts to say to your face. It’s a syndrome that’s often discussed relative to anonymity and the Web.

I think people are more likely to say things on Facebook that they would never have the guts to say to your face too, so it’s more complicated than hiding behind anonymity. Because hopefully you do actually know these people. Sort of.

So, I clearly have a close relationship with Facebook since, you know, I wrote a story about it. I spend too much time on it, and I do really love it. I love seeing vacation pictures from my cousin, and I love checking out cool blog posts recommended by my friends. If a big news event happens, I usually find out…

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