Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | January 17, 2019

Will there be animals in heaven? Do animals have souls?

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Will There Be Animals in Heaven? Do Animals Have Souls?

From Genesis 1:26-27, we know that only human beings are made in God’s image. Can we reasonably assume, from this, that animals are devoid of any type of divine spirit? What we know from this passage is that only human beings have a choice to serve God or not. Only human beings were given stewardship over the earth.

Although Ecclesiastes 3:21 is often interpreted to mean that animals don’t go to heaven, I think that the Preacher here is simply stating that “who knows for sure what happens when we die?” – a rhetorical question. At this point in Judaism, there was not a universally established belief in a resurrection.

In short, I really don’t think there is anything in it that definitely states what happens to animals when they die, therefore there is no definite exclusion of animals. Romans…

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