Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | December 11, 2018

Please Join Teresa in Giving Thanks & a New Prayer Request

Here’s her latest update
Praise God for His ability to meet our insurance deductibles of $20K and work out payment plans with hospitals and clinics, and doctors. God is so great! Also, praise God for our insurance which paid the $100s of thousands of the rest! Appreciate your prayers for our financial rebound to God’s victory and for God’s provision of a full scholarship for Meyana to Baylor. All to His Glory!
Also, for His ability at work through us and the books specifically to aid orphans, children’s homes and foster kiddos in powerful ways. Praise Jesus! God’s got it all!  We appreciate your continued prayers and love you dearly!
Hello friends, signing in briefly on Galen’s computer. I am without a computer right now. I had a frustrating accident with my computer during an experiment in my online class and now, I have to get it fixed. Please pray for a miracle and that all is okay and no worries, a pure God help over this situation. I have all my work on there and my books….make that – God’s books! Something similar happened when I first started God Revealed…Please pray that God will overcome and fix this without any long delay or hard time. Thank you…Love you all!

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