Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | September 23, 2018

Prayer requests 9/22/2018

Christ, in your mercy, hear our prayers for:

Tony, a prisoner who dreams of joining a ministry that travels to other countries helping the poor

Kelsie, a young new Christian. She is asking for guidance in following the Lord in life

Susan, recently treated for heart issues & husband Fr. Ned

Paul, for God’s wisdom and knowledge for reaching people in Kenya

Nancy, recovering from recent dental work, Mohs procedure, and endoscopy

Betty, lung & kidney cancer with poor likely outcome if surgery is pursued

Julius, a prisoner with a long history of crimes, who has decided to turn his life over to Christ. Pray that he will gain a deeper understanding of God’s Word and be a blessing to others

For all prisoners who accept Christ in prison, that they develop a real and lasting relationship with Him beyond the prison walls

Melissa’s brother, facing being sent back to prison shortly. He is homeless and feeling very lost right now, pray for God’s immediate comfort and protection, and for His mighty hand to preside over the court’s ruling. Pray also for Melissa to have wisdom in how best to support her brother.

Leah, held captive in Nigeria

Amanda in Ghana, better job



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