Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | September 8, 2018

Prayer Requests 9/8/2018

Christ, in your mercy, hear our prayers for:

The imprisoned pastor’s wife in Iran and all persecuted for their beliefs

Peaches, looking to make a fresh start in life

Fahid, who wants to do well in school and for his family to know Christ’s love

Teresa, giving thanks that she received a writing grant, has more work hours, and is getting through chemo without problems

For Barbara, seeking help for her son concerning his treatment at his prison. Pray for his safety and resolution of the situation.

For Joyce, seeking legal help for her son, David. She is praying that he might be considered for release before his grandmother passes away.

For Sallie’s estranged son, who is blind and in prison. He is very broken and in need of the Lord. Pray also for Sallie and her husband to have the wisdom to support their son in the best and healthiest way.

For families of prisoners to be reconciled and restored. Pray for forgiveness and healing in these families and that their new foundation will be the Lord.

Jana, undergoing radiation for an optic nerve tumor

The repose of the soul of Jayashree’s mom and comfort for the family

Dephnie, looking for success in her studies and spiritual growth


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