Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | August 3, 2018

Prayer Requests for 8/2/2018

Christ, in your mercy, hear our prayers for:

Pastor Andrew, who remains imprisoned in Turkey

Daniel, who would like to use his remaining years in prison to become a certified pastor

Brandon, who has not even been sentenced but is already seeking help finding a job and ways to better himself. He has a very supportive family, and asks that we pray for his mom (Sharone) and fiancee Chrissy

Debbie, who felt led to help house a homeless woman who was awaiting her husband’s release from prison. Unfortunately, the woman passed away. Debbie reached out to PF in the hopes that they might be able to provide some encouragement to the woman’s incarcerated husband (Omer) during what must be a very difficult time. Please pray that Omer may feel God’s supernatural presence and find comfort and peace in Christ

Jason and Joshua, prisoners who feel led to start non-profit ministries. May God guide them as they bring Him glory.

Mary Jo who has been stricken with cancer, first in the lung area and now moving up to the brain.

Pastor Ojo, who asks God to empower his prayer life

Teresa offers these prayer updates for her dad and herself:

Hello Precious Friends, I’d greatly appreciate your bold prayers for my Dad for great health results and no concerns there.
The doctor has called and wants to test him further…
blood results say he’s anemic. A1C is high. They said they may want to do an MRI? Please pray that is not even needed…that he is well by God’s power and grace. Yeah Jesus!
Please pray for nothing but iron needed and for great health restoration and no more back pain from the arthritis or other. Please pray boldly! For God’s mighty hand at work and perfect glory! Yeah Jesus! God is able! Please pray and trust with me…there’s no One like Our Awesome and Powerful God!

I am very thankful to God and Our Awesome King to have been mercifully healed of that massive brain tumor, breast cancer/tumor and to be cancer free!
Praising God every single day for this! I’m still blown away by all God has done!
The doctors say that trials call for 6 1/2 weeks (instead of 3) or 33 days of radiation for me, for my age/ situation so cancer/tumors never come back. I’m a little nervous, but as my doctor said, 33 is a symbolic number, “the amount of years Jesus was on this earth.” Please pray for wisdom for me. I am trusting and clinging to Jesus through it all. I keep hearing the song, too, from Rocky III “Pushin…getting ready for the fight.” Have you heard that song?
We all have a fight in this life…it’s not against flesh and blood, our flesh doesn’t really matter. It’s God’s Glory and Grace that counts. I thank God every day that He is Our Purpose.
I appreciate your prayers for wisdom and no side effects whatsoever, trusting God can, if it’s His will for me to buck up and go through this. Love you dearly! Praying for you daily! We are in this fight together, for the Greatest Cause and the Best Joy we could ever hope for, Praise Our Precious Savior Jesus Christ! We love you and pray for you always!

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