Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | June 5, 2018

Prayer Requests 6/4/2018

Christ, in your mercy, hear our prayers for:

Wallace, who has mitochondrial myopathy

The Good Shepherd Church, in the city of Afrin in north Syria, has been under attack and has requested prayer for an end to the attacks in the city. Christians and other citizens have fled the city, so please pray that God would lead those who have fled to other believers along their journey.

Teresa, as she recovers from surgery that went very well and also requests prayer for orphans sponsored through World Mission Evangelism

Sharon, who has dire family and financial issues

Harriett, Vince and Jamie, healing from various ailments

For Jennifer’s husband, preparing for release. Pray he can connect with counseling and support to help him recover from emotional trauma he experienced while in prison.

For Robert (prisoner) to be released from solitary confinement so that he can communicate with his fiance Charlotte again.

For Edward, a gang leader who has been in and out of jails since he was 14. He wants to break free from this life and earn a degree. Pray for resources and strong conviction for a new life for Edward, and for other youth like him who turn to gangs because they lack access to education and feel they have no options in life.

A woman named L who is having a difficult time

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