Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | May 24, 2018

Prayer Requests

Sorry for the huge number, but I’ve had a bit of a backlog. More to come…

Christ, in your mercy, hear our prayers for:

Aaron, who wants to turn back to God & get on the right track

Christopher & Jerry, feelings of hopelessness and no love

Derrick, who feels discouraged

Lisa, for restored sight in her right eye and physical/emotional/financial healing for the whole family

Bill’s continued recovery so he can have successful chemo

Malati, that she may continue to encourage others

Melanie’s pain relief following a procedure

Scott’s relief from undiagnosed abdominal pain

AJtheIrishLass’ successful recovery from upcoming oral surgery

Srity’s mom, sister who can’t walk due to spinal issues, and family’s finances

Brianna, hurt in a recent car accident

Pastor Andrew, imprisoned for his faith, also wife Norinne and children

Marriages and relationships of all prisoners, for strengthening with compassion, respect and Godly wisdom

Heather and Christine, whose spouses are imprisoned and are seeking emotional and financial provision

Ines, who is dying

Erin, who needs guidance, direction and protection

Tommie Sue, who has had a stroke and awaiting further tests

Teresa, who is most thankful her brain tumor was benign

Christian and other religious communities facing persecution

Stephen, who needs a good job offer

Renee, to be free of skin cancer and be able to afford airfareto her follow-up

Scott, to be located safe and sound

Tia’s friend in prison, who would like to become a substance abuse counselor

Meriah and Shania, incarcerated sisters who struggle with addiction. They are both eager to learn about the Lord and start fresh

Keith, hoping for good skin biopsy results

Dale’s mom, advanced cancer and for Dale’s mom’s harmony with her children

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