Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | January 27, 2018

Great Updates from Teresa

Her updates are below and you can contact her at this link:
Yeah Jesus! Praise God forever!
* PAM: Rita Pickering’s daughter Pam is home resting. See her message below. Please pray for full healing and no more pain for Pam. Thank you!
* GALEN GOT THE JOB/ PROMOTION. Galen got the project position with his company. He will serve as the liaison for projects between Sales, Executives, Customers and Operations. He will also do some business development. He starts Monday! Praise God! Thank you for praying.
BRAXTEN. Praise God, he is back in track and loving it. He wants to try out as a jumper. Please pray for God’s favor over him and for victory.
MEYANA. She received a letter from Harvard and the National Association of Future Medical Professional inviting her to a special project this summer. She has chosen to stick with the other National Scholar program focusing on the FBI (biology/forensics) and National Security. She’s also hearing from other colleges. Please pray for God’s chosen plan and wisdom for her especially. Thank you!
MOM and DAD. Praise God! Mom continues to be free of Xanax and feeling better and better every day. Dad loves the job driving cars. Please pray for his safety in traffic and for no accidents…and for Mom to continue to be free.
ME/ UPDATE. I received a referral to Baptist Breast Center today. I love those precious people. I will have a biopsy appointment set soon after drs. there review the scans they just got from the other center today. Last mass, we stepped back and prayed 30 days for God to remove it and He did! So, if God’s will, this may be what is happening again…Please pray in full agreement that as my Precious Friend Pat claims and my family and I claim, “there will be nothing there to biopsy!” Let it be to God’s glory! Yeah Jesus! Love you all!
The update from Rita:
 Yes it did and she is home.  The nerve block they gave her is keeping the pain away temporarily.  When that wears off in 12 to 24 hours she may have some pretty significant pain.  We appreciate your prayers and those on your prayer chain so very very much!!

Love you!
Rita and Pam

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