Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | November 10, 2015

Beware the Hucksters!

In reading Mark 12:38-44, I’ve often realized that Jesus dealt with a problem that afflects today’s Church. Just think about it:

The scribes of this era were religious teachers who were revered, and unfortunately some of them may have been too enamored of their social status. However, if that wasn’t bad enough, they took advantage of widows, some of the poorest people in Biblical times. They liked to offer up long prayers, but their prayers weren’t pleasing to God because of their attitude.

The modern-day scribes surround us, and unfortunately enjoy a lot of the same social standing as their ancient counterparts. They promise their viewers and listeners the world if they would just send a donation “for the Lord”. Sometimes, the Gospel that is about God’s promise of reconciliation to redeemed sinners is watered down to a pep talk or motivational speech.

One of the saddest things about these situations is the fact that these modern-day scribes is that, for too many, they are the legitimate face of Christianity. How can the Church reach out to those most in need of the Gospel when it’s surrounded by so much “noise”?

I think we need to give “all we have”, so to speak. A loved one once stated he doesn’t study the Bible because he doesn’t have hours a day to devote to it (how many of us do, really?) Familiarize yourself with the basics, and just read what you can daily, whether it’s the daily lectionary readings, a Bible in one year plan, or what appeals to you. Knowledge is power!


  1. It is vital to study God’s Word daily. If not through reading, then through listening. There are Bible CDs that can be listened to while driving. If we don’t know God’s Word then we are prey. Amen!

    • Great point Eliza, re: listening. This is a good way to take in more of the Bible daily. After all, we can’t effectively defend beliefs from the Bible without knowing it.

      • I listen to the NKJV on CD when I am in my car. Now that is good listening. Amen!

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