Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | October 17, 2015

More Than Reputation Management

A term that many people in business hear a lot of is reputation management. Companies or business professionals who have had their reputations hurt often need to pay professionals to help repair their reputations.

Christianity these days has a bit of a reputation problem, although this isn’t a new problem by any means. From knowledge of times when Christians have persecuted others in Christ’s Name to teachers of every age more concerned with prosperity, it seems the Church has some ‘splainin’ to do.

While it may be jarring and somewhat offensive to see the criticisms some non-believers launch against Christianity, it isn’t hard to see where many of them are coming from. Some of the sharpest critics of the Christian faith have had bad experiences with Christians who did a poor job of living out the promise made to God with their baptism.

Although it may sound like a tired old cliche, there is an old saying about asking yourself if there would be enough evidence to convict you if you were put on trial for beeing a Christian. So many think that their “evidence” would consist of adherance to dogmas, holiness codes, or polotical purity, rather than being Christ-like.

The next time you may feel as though someone you’re dialoging with has put your beliefs on trial, so to speak, think about whether the way you follow Christ stands up to the criticism. Maybe we need to start cleaning up our own yards before we start complaining about the litter blowing out of someone else’s.


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