Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | July 25, 2015

Families – Still the Same, After All These Years

When Paul wrote his letter to the Ephesians (particularly 3:14-21), families were a bit different than many are now. There was a hierarchal order that put the husband/father in charge, divorce was governed by cultural circumstances we don’t find in modern America, and they were a bit bigger.

However, no matter whether you live in a traditional nuclear family with a couple and children, an extended one, or one blended by remarriage, one thing is the same: every family should recognize God as its supreme head. When couples, their children (when applicable), or other members that make up the family relize this, there can be a greater sense of mutual love and respect.

Much of what Paul has to say applies to all of us, really, regardless of what type of family we live in:

  • We should all pray for that inner strength that comes from God alone, especially in difficult family circumstances
  • Christ dwells in our hearts, as Christians, and we need to stay aware of this, as well as his love for us
  • God can and does do more than we could desire or pray for

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