Posted by: AJtheIrishLass | September 14, 2014

Going Forth Into the World

A hymn is often sung during communion, especially one with a focus on the Eucharist. If the priest or deacon commissions lay people to take communion to the shut-in and sick, this is usually done just after communion.

A prayer of thanksgiving is said. After all, we celebrate Jesus giving us the greatest gift ever given to mankind.

The priest gives a blessing. It’s customary to make the sign of the Cross while he or she does this, but you don’t need to.

Usually, the clergy, acolytes and Eucharistic Ministers process out during the final hymn. Depending on where the choir is seated, they might process out with the rest of the altar party.

If there is a deacon, they give the dismissal that encourages us to go out and joyfully serve God. The response from the congregation is “Thanks be to God!” The dismissal is typically the very last part of the service, but might be used just after the blessing (as seen in the video above).

I hope you’ve enjoyed this opportunity to learn more about the hows and whys of the Eucharist.


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