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The Table is Now Set…Welcome!

Lord's cup and bread and bible

Lord’s cup and bread and bible

You’re invited to a meal that spans 2,000 years of history. This meal takes place in Episcopal and hundreds of other types of Christian communities every week – The Holy Eucharist. You may also know it as:

  • Holy Communion
  • The Mass
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Divine Liturgy
  • Great Offering

Divided into the Liturgy of the Word – with Scripture readings, a sermon and intercessory prayers, and The Holy Communion, the breaking of the bread, this is the same sort of service that has been used virtually since the dawn of Christianity. As Jesus revealed himself to the disciples in the Scripture and breaking of the bread, he continues to reveal himself to us. The weekly sharing of bread and wine was an important part of the early Christian community’s life.

The best thing about this meal is that you can come as you are, sit where you’re comfortable and leave changed. What Christians do during the sharing of Christ’s Body and Blood  is liturgy – the work of the people. We’re not spectators or casual listeners. Instead, we’re invited, valuable guests at this meal that we’re called to share.

As you read through this series of Instructed Eucharist posts, I hope you’ll learn something and feel welcome to ask questions or otherwise participate in the discussion. If you’re unfamiliar with The Episcopal Church or have been away, it’s my hope that you’ll feel more comfortable attending a service.

For further study:

Luke 24:13-49

Acts 2:42-47 

The Didache



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