Posted by: AJtheIrishLass | May 6, 2014

Scripture and Breaking of the Bread – What Does It Mean?

Road to Emmaus

Road to Emmaus

When we read about the road to Emmaus account, (Luke 24:13-35 ), one thing stands out most clearly – Jesus makes himself known to the disciples through use of Scripture AND the breaking of the bread. From the earliest times, Christian worship has included both these elements.

Over the next several weeks, this blog will be using a series of posts that explain more about the whys behind how Episcopalians and other Anglicans worship on Sundays. I hope that all of you will learn something from these posts, and will feel free to ask questions. As always, discussion is welcome. Think of it as a cyber version of an instructed Eucharist.

IMO, Easter Season is a good jumping off point, because so many of the readings talk about the Church’s earliest communion services. When we hear God’s words to us and share Christ’s Body and Blood, we are truly part of a bigger story that stretches back through the centuries.

Come and see!


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