Posted by: AJtheIrishLass | April 28, 2014

The Christian Calling – Always a Gift

In the light of today being the Feast of St. Mark, I decided to write a little more about  today’s reading from Ephesians. This reading is especially fitting for me today because, on March 25, 1998, I and the other members of my high school confirmation class were confirmed. In TEC, confirmation is what opens the door to several licensed lay ministries, such as Eucharistic Minister, Eucharistic Visitor, Catechist, etc. Licensed laypeople are not regarded as clergy in TEC.

What are these lay ministries?

  • Eucharistic Minister – A Eucharistic Minister (yours truly) helps administer the communion elements after they are blessed by a priest.
  • Eucharistic Visitor – Eucharistic Visitors take the consecrated elements to shut-ins or hospital/nursing home patients.
  • Worship Leader – A layperson licensed to lead worship services that aren’t celebrations of communion, often found in rural parishes that don’t have recourse to a priest every week.
  • Pastoral Leader – Layperson given special authority to exercise pastoral or administrative duties
  • Catechist – A person who helps prepare members for baptism, confirmation or reception
  • Preacher – Layperson who is licensed to preach

What are your parish’s most vibrant lay ministries?



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