Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | March 29, 2014

Looking on the Heart – What Matters

Chapel of the Transfiguration, Teton County, Wyoming

A little chapel like this can have more meaningful services than any megachurch, depending on what’s in the hearts of the worshipers

1 Samuel 16:1-13

What commonly happens today has been plaguing humanity for some time. It’s all too easy to place too much emphasis on initial appearance or assumptions. It would be good if giving up being judgemental towards people or making assumptions based on appearance were things commonly “given up” for Lent. (If nothing else, to get people into the habit of stopping judgmental behavior). Yet, both of these seem very deeply ingrained.

God’s choice of a leader for Israel wasn’t the guy that Samuel initially expected. David ended up being the leader that the Jewish people needed, in spite of his imperfections. In today’s world, we not only place a little too much emphasis on peoples’ physical appearance, but also on appearances in worship and mission.

Many denominations, TEC included, have attracted criticism for not necessarily focusing on “relevancy” when membership stats are down. There are parishes that have contemporary services as an option, and utilize interactive technology. However, this is in response to the needs of the local community, rather than having to keep up with a trend.

What’s in the heart matters, both with individuals and Christians gathered into a community. The size of the building and adding elements to the service that impress matter little if meaningful relationships with Christ and each other aren’t being built.

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