Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | August 20, 2013

A Case of Amnesia

Jeremiah 23:23-29

Much of Scripture is about remembering things – what happened to the people of Israel before Christ, Jesus’ earthly life, what happened to the early Church, etc. One of the things that is helpful to keep in mind is that the Bible, to a certain extent, is also about what happens when people forget the important things.

Being human, we all forget things at times. Sometimes we try to gloss it over and make it look like it never happened. When we lose sight of important spiritual things, on the other hand, it’s bad for our relationship with God, our fellow “travelers” on earth and even ourselves.

Jeremiah and all of the major Biblical prophets had to warn people about the consequences of forgetting God and embracing idols in God’s place. In a way, it’s similar to an addict who has distorted memories about things they said or did to loved ones under the influence. The false memories may provide an imaginary sort of absolution, but in the end won’t bring life and peace.

Forgetting the goodness of God and replacing it with idols, whether in the form of other gods or other things we put in God’s place, is not a good place to be in.  Yet, this particular form of “amnesia” does have a cure that works 100% of the time. Always keep this in mind.

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