Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | July 16, 2013

Counting the Costs

One thing that I was very thankful for this past 4th of July is the freedom that we enjoy in this country. Living in a religiously diverse country isn’t without its challenges, of course. It seems like we often talk past each other when it comes to faith issues, instead of TO each other.  Sometimes living harmoniously with other religious groups or even with other Christians is difficult.

Yet, when we consider what many Christians in other countries have to deal with, it doesn’t seem as bad:

  • Christians, as a minority group, being treated as scapegoats
  • Parents being kept from raising children in the faith (often contrary to the promise made on their behalf at baptism)
  • Churches being shut down for not being state-approved
  • Christians having nowhere to worship because their denomination is not recognized

Lest we should become too secure in our Christian walk, we should remember that following Christ always comes at a cost. We have to put some of our old attitudes behind us and possibly reevaluate some of our relationships and values.  While we might not be subjected to persecution, we do live in a world where many see Christianity as hateful, anti-intellectual or irrelevant. Sadly, it’s not hard to see where such attitudes come from. All that some have experienced at the hands of “Christianity” is hateful protests, squabbles over organized prayer or a type of “dead” religion devoid of a relationship with the Living Christ.

While we can and should rejoice in our freedom, let’s not forget about those who don’t have the freedom to worship when, where and how they please. Let’s also try to be good examples that dispel the  myths about what so many think Christianity is and actually show otherwise.

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