Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | April 9, 2013

Doubting Thomas and Skeptical Us

Thomas wasn’t the only doubting one where Jesus’ Resurrection was concerned by a long shot. Depending on which of the Gospels you read, the disciples all had to see Jesus with their own eyes to believe what the women at the tomb said. For some, this realization came faster than others.

A wise statement was made in a sermon I heard a few years ago. It was in the form of a rhetorical question: if the disciples had such unshakable faith, what were they doing behind a locked door when Jesus appeared to them? Maybe Thomas is being given a little too much credit for being a skeptical one.

The thing is, all of us can be doubting Thomas’, whether we admit it that willingl;y or not. Faith is a gift, but not of the type that comes in a neat little package. It’s one of those gifts that has to be used to be truly received.

Christ the Lord is risen indeed, alleluia. What will you do with that knowledge?

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