Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | December 11, 2012

A Safe Refuge

When a lot of people hear vereses from the prophetic books in the Bible, it can seem like there’s a lot of gloom and doom. For example, Isaiah prophesied Jesus’ suffering and death, Jeremiah authored a book of lamentations, and Malachi warned Israel of the day of the Lord.

Yet, there is one overwhelming theme that runs through all these books if you take the time to read them closely. There is a message of comfort. Baruch talks of exchanging a garment of sorrow for the beauty of God’s glory. (Baruch 5:1-9) Isn’t that a beautiful image!

In the preaching of John the Baptist, who calls his listeners to repentance, there is a message of hope  and salvation to all willing to heed his message. (Luke 3:1-6) In this time of year that can be “blue” for a lot of people, let’s be encouraged by hope.

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