Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | October 28, 2012

Real Perseverance

I was thinking about how the ideas of putting God first and perseverance have been twisted by many recently. Some groups, based on passages that prophesy the dissentation that will occur in families due to the decision to follow Christ (Matthew 10:34-36),  play divide and conquer, setting spouses, parents and children, and other family members at odds with each other.

Others teach that Christians must go to extreme measures, such as giving up all their possessions, in order to be a Christian. For years, many Christians have allowed these and other misguided beliefs to drive others straight out of Christianity.

As All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day approach, many people will be thinking of the seemingly perfect lives that many saints lived. However, we must remember what a saint IS: a redeemed sinner. The saints aren’t saints because they’re flawless, they’re saints because God allowed them to make an impact on others’ lives through their witness. God worked in their lives, as messy as they may have been at one time, and God can work in our lives, too.

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