Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | October 20, 2012

Holy Silence: Good for the Soul

Holy silence is a concept that doesn’t get much time. We seem to be surrounded by a lot of distractions that demand our attention. Even if there’s no easy access to the TV or radio, there are distractions on many of our computers and mobile devices.

A little bit of quiet time is good for the soul. After all, we can take some time to truly listen to what God is saying to us. Many people make the mistake of asking God for things, more than listening to what God may be trying to tell us.

After all, look at the places in Scripture where Jesus took time away for himself. Obviously, none of us are Jesus. Yet, if we’re to follow God’s will in our lives, we must be able to discern for ourselves what it is.

Contemplative prayer groups help fill a need for people in a busy world. Quiet days, often hosted during Advent, which will be upon before we know it, help out people who find it hard to get quiet time in their own lives. What do you do for quiet time with God?

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