Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | September 30, 2012

Wise Words From a Friend Regarding Church/State Issues

Just my less than humble opinion.  I really wish that people could be more tolerant of other points of view, but there is a real misconception of what separation of church and state actually means.  It’s not the old Soviet Union where they were “strongly encouraged” to be atheist nor is it the Church of England.  We are actually given the freedom to worship as we please.  It’s what we are legally entitled to.  Personally, I’d be more than happy if there were tolerance.  It seems to be in short supply. – From Gail K. (shared with permission)

A couple of closing thoughts from me on the tolerance issue, as Gail brough up some good points: More tolerance is most certainly needed (and these past several months are evident of it, as far as the US political climate goes). People in the US enjoy far more religious freedoms than many elsewhere in the world do. JMO, but I think many Christians in nations with serious persecution would be horrorfied at some of the issues that we Yanks allow to become divisive. Maybe we need to ask ourselves if we truly cherish this freedom for what it is.

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