Posted by: AJtheIrishLass | September 2, 2012

Being Flexible – In God’s Way

In discussions with a family member who was burned out on Christianity years ago, I’ve realized how much of a problem some people have with finding their “balance”, so to speak. To some, being a Christian is about “rules, rules and more rules”.  For others, it’s about doing as you, please, without accountabilty.

Neither are healthy perspectives, either in religion or elsewhere. A Christian who bases everything on following rules, rather than relationship and response, will ultimately end up being more concerned with performance. However, misusing freedom to do as you please, without regard for the consequences, ends up in alienating yourself from others, and God.

Though I’ve had the good fortune to have been brought up in a generally healthy church situation, I’ve seen the impact that toxic environments have had on others. Here are some suggestions I’ve drawn for others’ experiences, about a healthy balance:

  • Follow your conscious – if something feels “off” to you, don’t do it
  • Avoid peer pressure, from all sources. This is a lesson that many never learned during youth.
  • Keep an open mind for sources of help.  Someone who is very different from your idea of a “model Christian” may be very helpful indeed.

Any other thoughts and suggestions?



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