Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | August 11, 2012

Following Christ: the Tricky Part?

“Follow me” sometimes seem to be the two most difficult words in the Bible to digest. It’s not that following Christ in and of itself is a difficult concept. I think where we trap ourselves up sometimes is actually putting that into practice.

Over the years, there have been too many groups that distort what it means to follow Christ. To some, it means for everyone to follow a monastic lifestyle that only few are called to.  A few modern groups take it to extremes by demanding that Christians must give away all their possessions and live on the street. Others try to wrap it up into following regulations about dress, forms of entertainment and other issues.

What does it really mean to follow Christ? We not only hear Christ’s call to us, but live it out in our lives in a practical way. Putting your faith and trust in Christ, rather than other fallen humans, is the way to go. When we truly believe and trust in Christ, we will be given the desire to do the right thing. God will give us the strength and wisdom to help do just the right thing.

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