Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | July 31, 2012

Young People Leaving Evangelical Christianity: An Outreach Opportunity?

An interesting study from the Barna Group, released in February, had some interesting revelations about younger people leaving some forms of evangelical Christianity. The article at the following link provides information that may be of interest. 

A few points stuck out at me as being particularly relevant, based on my own interactions with current and former evangelicals.

  • I know of many, from evangelical, as well as Pentecostal or charismatic  backgrounds, who think the devil is given too much credit. A healthy balance is needed between treating the devil as being omniscient and denying his existance altogether, and many are searching for this.
  •  Some feel as though there is a conflict between science and religion, as seen by the congregations they attend. Those who are more scientifically-minded often feel as though they have to stop thinking in order to belong to a church.
  • Many cited problems with closedmindness towards those outside their faith group. Some feel as though being taught that loved ones outside their group are lost is a serious conflict to overcome.

   The Episcopal Church, as well as many other denominations, often finds people somewhat disillusioned with Christianity in their midst.  How do we best help people who have possibly been burned out on the Christian experience?

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