Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | January 9, 2012

An Excellent Post from Shreds and Patches

Fr. Tony Clavier contributed an excellent post to his blog that I wanted to share a link to. (here) I’m only now getting online after some technical problems, so I’ve got a backlog of posts. I recommend reading the whole blog post, but there were a few points that stuck out for me that I wanted to mention.

 A lot of congregations and individuals within the larger Church seem to be trying to reach people using models that were started when many congregations were trying to reach nominally Christian people. My thought is that, instead of using  the more consumerist, corporate-like model centered on “brands” of Christianity, maybe our approach as a whole needs to be more relationship-centered. After all, the apostles and other early Christians practiced a more relational form of evangelism that made disciples – not those who could only function in one form of Christian environment.

I also liked how the point was brought up about culture being complicated by negative views of “organized religion” (a phrase that I detest, but that’s for another post <g>). God is bigger than all the scandals that have ever rocked the Church at large, but a lot of people can’t get past this, especially if one has been personally affected by them.

The Church will survive. However, we must, with God’s help, determine how to weather the storms caused by a world that’s hostile to its message.

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