Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | October 1, 2011

Welcoming Visitors: A Healthy Balance

First, I wanted to welcome all new and returning readers who have posted comments in recent weeks. Things have been absolutely crazy for me job-wise, and I appreciate your hanging in there đŸ™‚

Another blog that I happened across recently brought up the issue of making visitors to a church feel welcome, while not coming on too strong and possibly pushing people away.

Some important points that were brought up:

  • Don’t push people into committing to a specific group/ministry, etc. right off the bat. Some people need some space for whatever reason.
  • It’s better to err on the side of assuming somebody is new than to ignore a “new face” altogether.
  • Never assume that, when announcements are made and people are directed to “speak to so-and-so if you’re interested in whatever”, they automatically know who the person is.
  • One person mentioned how some new visitors aren’t comfortable hanging around at coffee hour or Christian education classes in an unfamiliar church. She suggested having information tables set up, much like some larger congregations use.
For me, two things are very off-putting: being completely ignored or having people practically pushing you to switch when you’re just visiting. I’ve actually decided against visiting some churches in my area for special events/services because I’ve found people from their congregations to be very pushy.
What do you think a congregation, regardless of the denomination, can do to show guests that they’re welcome, without being needlessly pushy?


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