Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | September 3, 2011

Are Australia’s Rural Congregations Doomed?

Country Churches Under Threat

Australia has several churches in rural areas that are in danger of closing due to greatly diminished attendance. Many of these congregations only had regular services every two weeks. It’s being attributed to decreased church attendance among younger generations.

Someone who commented on the story mentioned that a better social media presence may help these congregations. What other methods do you think may prove helpful?


  1. A better website might reach some. A radio or television broadcast, special services designed to capture public attention. But, not knowing what Australian culture or social life is like, I’d venture to guess the main ways to help these congregations wouldn’t cost any money or use media at all. Love. Compassion. Each person in the congregation becoming more like Jesus… going out of their way to serve others, being real… caring.

    People are burned out on religion. If church is simply something to do on Sunday, there are tens of thousands of other things that could also be done. But if our faith is something that is lived every day, is an integral part of the fiber of our lives… faith like that can move mountains. And if it can move mountains, it most certainly can fill pews. More, it can change lives.

  2. Good thoughts! I’m unfortunately largely ignorant of how Australia’s rural life compares with rural life in the States. In my neck of the woods, a lot of new ministries have been arising that minister to cowboys, ranchers, etc. My guess would be that the sheer distance between a lot of places in some parts of Australia may be an issue.

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