Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | August 27, 2011

Special Guest Devotional: Dominic and Marie Bradshaw

I’m posting this devotional from two fellow prayer partners, with prayers for those caught in the belief that their denomination, instead of Jesus, is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Why are there conflicts between other denominations and

The other week we went to visit a Christian and we talked about the pope
John Paul 2nd who had died, she immediately said that he had gone to
hell. I stopped her and told her that she had no right to judge, and that
she should repent. A lot of Christians like that lady judge others very
easily condemning them to hell saying that they aren’t converted.

They seem to forget how they too were unconverted sinners, but how
God was merciful to them. God has no favourites, so why shouldn’t he be
merciful to others too.

Every time we see her she loves running down a certain denomination,
and treats them like pagans, and we always stop her. We have had
enough of that attitude from her, and from quite a few people like her,
and we feel that we have to stop that attitude and strive towards Christian

It is dreadful how the body of Christ is being ripped apart by Christians
showing such a lack of love and tolerance towards people of other
denominations and religions.

It seems that the Christian denominations have forgotten the vital thing
about Christianity which is to love.

Certain Christians have ignored the following Bible passages.

Luke 10:27

” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all
your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'[a];
and, ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.'[b]”

When you point a finger at another denomination and believe that your
denomination is the one true church, and you believe that your church
is superior to others, it is showing a lack of love and you are justifying
yourself just like the Pharisee did in the Temple, and you are in the
process of judging others.
See Luke 18: 9-14.

After all the one true church is the Temple of the Holy Spirit which is in
your heart. It isn’t being a club member of any denomination. When we
die we won’t be judged by which denomination we belong to, but whether
we have accepted Jesus as our Saviour and Lord or haven’t done so, and
how much we have loved God and our neighbour.

The only way we will be able to change things and break down the
barriers is to love, respect, be tolerant, merciful, compassionate towards
one another, even if we choose to disagree. Let us stop calling each other

When we want to convert other non-Christian religions, let us do so in
the spirit, and not in the flesh. Once you classify them as unsaved, you
are binding them, so how then can your prayers for conversion be heard
because by your attitude you show that you haven’t got faith in your
prayers? Instead you have to believe that Jesus will answer your prayers
of conversion and love everyone including non-Christians. We are not
allowed to take God’s place as judge, but we should believe that they are
simply on a road of life, and will eventually find their way to Jesus, even
on their death bed.

I will illustrate it with the following Bible passages. See Matthew 7: 1-5
and James 4:11-12

Very soon Jesus will come back to judge the world and to see who has
done God’s will. We don’t merit salvation, but we have to prove that we
are saved by the fruit we produce by loving others and doing good deeds
because we love Jesus.

Those who don’t produce good fruit and don’t love, even if they know the
Bible inside out, don’t belong to Jesus. We can’t love God if we don’t love
our neighbour, and constantly criticize other denominations. When you do
that you are creating barriers, and you are tearing Jesus’ heart apart.

Only God reads hearts and knows a person’s soul. We must be very
merciful and believe in God’s abundant mercy because we have to imitate
Jesus who is infinite love and mercy. He never judged anyone not even
the good thief on the cross.

If we are not merciful to others with the measure we have received, then
the following passage applies to us. I believe that this passage has two
lessons, one on how to forgive and the other how to be merciful the way
God has been merciful to us. See Matthew 18:23-34

If people are not merciful, then I believe that this Bible verse applies to
them and they should be careful and see it as a warning to stop judging

Please let us be truly God’s children and spread love and tolerance. Let
us simply look at Jesus and refuse to judge, and allow Jesus one day to be
the judge of who is right and who is wrong. It isn’t our place to do so. Let
us turn this world into a better place and prepare it for the return of Jesus

The crucial question is, are we a child of God or not? If we are a child of
God, then we must find our identity in Christ, and act as a child of God.
Have we accepted Jesus into our lives and repented of our sins? If we
have done so, then let us become God’s army who are spiritual soldiers of
Christ, dedicated to obeying the Holy Spirit’s every wish, by doing God’s
will, and living for Jesus rather than living for ourselves. Let us pull down
the barriers and focus on Jesus. Let the Holy Spirit transform us into His
image and likeness, and let Him work through us so that we can become
beacons of light drawing people to the Lord with love and not judgement.
Let us unite all denominations and let us become stronger by being God’s

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