Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | April 16, 2011

Have We Lost the Ability to Be Civil?

A lot has been said about not discussing religion and politics in social settings unrelated to either. As a rule, I very seldom discuss politics at all. (Some people who have known me for years don’t even know my party affiliation/preference).  While I believe that all Christians should “contend for the faith” and share the message of Christ’s redemption with others, we shouldn’t be pushy about the way it’s done.

In my time as a board host on AOL, I saw a lot of downright uncivilized discussion. It seems like there are numerous places online where discussions about religion or politics involve a lot of finger-pointing, name-calling and little else.

Maybe a lot of the animosity that exists could be avoided if those involved would simply take the higher ground.  Some people are literally so obsessed with their own viewpoints that all they want to do is demonize those who disagree with them.  Such people are unlikely to engage in any genuine discussion, and will probably only want to argue with you.

A key point to remember when discussing any contentious issue is that arguments can and should be addressed when they don’t make sense. However, the people making the arguments shouldn’t be attacked. These are just a few thoughts that have been on my mind as of late.

How do you cope with people who can’t discuss things rationally?

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