Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | March 27, 2011

Methodist Pastor Fired Over Hell Belief

A United Methodist pastor in North Carolina was fired from his position after he positively mentioned “Love Wins” by Rob Bell on his Facebook page.  The book in question was written by an evangelical author who questions the idea of an eternal hell. I’m not familiar with Bell’s book, and if anyone has read it, I hope you don’t mind sharing some insights.

I have encountered several other Christians in my “travels” online who reject hell for one reason or another. Some of very liberal theologically, while others seem to accept many traditional beliefs with the exception of heaven/hell. I have some reservations about accepting universalism as a valid belief, myself. One, what would be the purpose of spreading the Gospel if God does save everyone anyway? Why would a loving God want to force people to spend eternity in heaven if they’ve sadly chosen otherwise?

Please feel free to share your thoughts, just keep everything civil. 🙂


  1. I actually recently left a church because of this same issue. The preacher admitted to my husband and myself that he did not believe in hell. Now, I’m very much a “to each their own” sort of person, but I couldn’t overlook this for one BIG reason: Jesus. What would be the point of him dying on the cross for all of us if there was no danger of hell or damnation? I understand the theology behind the preacher’s ideas, but it just doesn’t hold water for me. Also, one of the devils greatest tricks is to “prove” that he doesn’t exist.
    God is love, and He does want all of us with Him in eternity…but that doesn’t mean that our own free will won’t destroy us.

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