Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | February 23, 2011

Assumptions and Younger Churchgoers

Many unchurched younger people have wrongful assumptions about mainline churches, usually due to prior bad experiences or misconceptions. It’s often assumed that you won’t be accepted unless you’re dressed up, you’ll be pressured into donating money or will be subjected to humdrum preaching or uninspiring music. Some seek churches that have veered away from historical liturgies due to these assumptions. It’s sad, because there’s a wealth of historic Christian teaching and liturgy that they won’t get to fully experience.

It often seems like larger, non-denominational churches have a number of younger members who were raised outside of any type of church environment before joining. I’m sure that are younger adults (in my general age bracket) who would probably attend a mainline congregation if one did an effective job of reaching people there age.

A site I follow suggested that younger adults need to be more involved with getting the word out to others about how their parishes can provide a place for them to serve Christ. What are some ways in which you think the youth and younger adults could effectively reach other unchurched people?



  1. What site do you follow? Just curious. Like does attract like, so I can see their point, but I would argue that younger generations are seeking authenticity. So a church that demonstrates or shows any type of hypocrisy would immediately be a turn off. I also think we (the church) need to ditch idea that folks will come to us if we appear hip or trendy. Authentic relationships are about meeting people where they are—-isn’t that what Jesus did?

    • Hi Rev. Jenn,
      The site with the article referenced about younger people was I wholeheartedly agree about the hypocrisy, since it seems to be prevalent in a lot of religious movements. With people I’ve spoken to who don’t attend services, hypocrisy seems to be a lot of what pushes them away. Real Christianity definitely is very relationship-centered. I think good relationships are the key to creating faithful disciples.
      Welcome aboard!

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