Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | November 28, 2010

Follow-Up: Attracting Younger People to Church

I’ve listed a few things below from my own personal experience and some discussions with others on my age group:

1. Don’t assume that every younger person wants guitars, drums, or other contemporary elements. Some younger people were raised in all-contemporary churches and are looking for something different.

2. Realize that a lot of younger people prefer ministries made up of people of various ages or people in their own age group. Many younger people do prefer the company of other younger people.

3. A lot of younger women do feel out of touch with traditional women’s ministries. Please be willing to listen to what the younger ladies have to say about why they’re not involved.

4. Don’t assume that newcomers aren’t interested in the Bible. Many churches with a different theological perspective attract younger spiritual seekers with intensive Bible studies.

5. Realize that younger churchgoers come from a variety of church backgrounds, and not all are healthy backgrounds. Please give them some space without pressuring them into involvement.

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