Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | May 11, 2010

An Email Attachment Tip

If you’re like a lot of computer users, you regularly get email forwards with attachments. However, not everyone has a program that will open every attachment. (Users with older Macs may have trouble with.wmv, not everyone has PowerPoint or a compatible viewer for .ppt/.pps files, etc) What’s a good way to share something interesting so that almost everyone can see it?

A quick keyword search could help you find the contents of the email on a website. Many email forwards that have pictures of impressive sights, for instance, are also on websites. A number of of video files have been placed on YouTube, which uses a format compatible with most platforms.

It’s always worth seeing if what you’re trying to send out has a webpage version. After all, too, many email users are more likely to visit a URL than download an attachment.

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