Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | January 11, 2009

Bridge Building, Not Fence Building

Acts 19:1-7
The apostolic era must have been a really interesting time. The religious authorities of the day and the Romans both opposed them. Yet, they still found disciples. These disciples, who were met by Paul, seemed to have been followers of John the Baptist. However, they didn’t know about Christian baptism. Paul baptized them in the authority of Jesus, which was followed by their receiving the Holy Spirit.
It’s ironic that baptism and the Holy Spirit, which unite us in Christ, also divide. Some groups refuse to recognize baptisms other than their own, thus making their gospel one of exclusion. Others treat receiving the Holy Spirit as separate from true conversion, dividing Christians further.
What lessons can we learn from this? Though we Christians are many, we are part of the ONE Body of Christ. To act otherwise is to miss the whole point of the Gospel message.


  1. yes we must reach out to everyone and preach the Gospel, but we must also watch out for those that preach false doctrines and keep the commandments of men and we must only go by what the Word of God tells us. To avoid deception, our teachings must agree with the Bible or else we know there is no light in them. Even the doctrines of the episcopalians must be verified to see if they go according to the Word. “To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them (Isaiah 8:20)”

  2. Hi,
    I don’t recall saying that any church’s doctrines shouldn’t be held up to scrutiny. After all, one that believes it’s above any type of scrutiny isn’t really interested in preaching truth, IMO.

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