Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | January 6, 2009

Lost and Found

Luke 2:41-52

If you’re a parent or long-time babysitter, you can probably greatly appreciate what happened to poor Mary and Joseph. Wandering kids are problematic to begin with, and no doubt losing a boy in such dangerous times was scary.
Jesus was fortunate during his childhood to have an observant mother and stepfather. This particular visit to the Temple proved to be one of the strongest signs of who He is. How many twelve-year-olds could teach the teachers themselves?
In the last year, many of us have been weathering personal or financial storms. It’s a habit of living in some pretty tough times. Like Mary and Joseph’s anxiety when they discovered their Son missing, we can often feel like everything’s closing in on us and is lost.
The good news is, God often uses these worrisome, anxious times to show us His provision and care for us. My family went through such a period two years ago that was turned around for the greater good.
Keep this saying in mind: “The darker the night, the brighter the dawn. And when it gets really, really dark, that is when one sees the true brilliance of the stars”. (attributed to a Holocaust survivor)
A Prayer Point: Pray for those who may have “lost” Jesus in their lives, that they may dilligently seek and find Him.

1. Have there ever been times that you haven’t seen God at work because you were expecting Him to act differently?
2. Has God’s truth ever been expressed to you in away that’s surprising?
3. Is it really a matter of us finding Jesus or Jesus finding us?
4. If Jesus was God in human form, how do you think He “grew” in wisdom?

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