Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | December 29, 2008

Promises to be Kept

,a href=”″>Psalm 147:1-6 Please use this link to read the selected passage in the translation of your choice

If your church follows the liturgical year, chances are you’re still singing the beloved Christmas hymns that have since disappeared from public airwaves due to the retail Christmas season being over. Regardless of whether you’re still in “Christmas mode” or not, we’re still proclaiming God’s goodness. That’s what’s at the heart of all corporate worship.
God truly is in the business of comforting the broken-hearted. Not only did He comfort those who were down-trodden due to exile, but He still heals those who are hurting, especially at this difficult time of year for many.
Should we really be surprised that God is able to heal our wounds, especially the spiritual ones? If God knowseach of the trillions of stars by name, then surely He knows each of us and our struggles just as well.
Unlike our fellow humans, He knows us better than just a name on a page or a number. God is truly our Redeemer. When this Earth was still a formless void, god know how the story of redemption would be carried out. He humbled Himself in the Person of Jesus and suffered death-to redeem us. He continues His work of redemption in all those who faithfully follow Christ.
Application: As we move into this New Year, let us think of how we can more fully appreciate His act of redemption.

Dear Jesus, I often feel despondant, but know that Your promises to the hurting are always good. Help me to always keep my eyes on You, and to remember that You understand everything I must face, in Your most precious Name. Amen.


1. Does the holiday season make you feel down? How does your faith in Christ help you?
2. What is your favorite Bible promise?
3. The psalm states that God calls the stars by name. What does this say to you about His care for all creation?


  1. Please allow me to join you in wishing those who are hurting, who are in financial difficulties, who are not well, who are having problems in their relationships and who are lonely a Merry Christmas and a Better 2009!

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