Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | December 22, 2008

Why Would God Pick Someone Like Me?

Luke 1:26-38 (You may read this passage in The Message or the translation of your choice by following the link.

Mary. Mother of Jesus. Mother of God. God-Bearer. Often, theological discussions concerning Mary turn into needless arguments over who she was and what her role in the story of Jesus’ earthly life was. What’s very easy to forget is that she, and Joseph, were called to fulfill a special place in salvation history. Their calling, and desire to fulfill that calling, is what should motivate us to do God’s will in our lives. perhaps the one title often missing from the discussion is faithful servant.
Throughout the Bible, people are specially called and set aside. However, this calling is often a huge shock for the chosen person. If you were an ordinary teenage girl living two thousand years ago, how would you react to the news that you were a recipient of God’s favor in a special way?
Well, that happened to one teenage girl in Nazareth back then. What the angel told her was the fulfillment of what Israel had longed for. This must have seemed very overwhelming to Mary. After all, she wasn’t even married at the time. However, when the angel Gabriel told her how this would happen, she accepted it.
It’s often assumed that the conception of Jesus just happened without any agreement on Mary’s part. While the Virgin Birth is recorded by both Matthew and Luke, only Luke records this remarkable meeting between Gabriel and Mary. Mary believes the unbelievable, and accepts it as being from God. In Matthew’s gospel, Joseph, too, has the same spirit of obedience. He accepted the impossible in spite of the risks that the couple faced by doing so. Perhaps this notion that God can call anyone to fulfill His purposes would especially speak to Luke’s mainly non-Jewish audience. We must remember that Luke was also the author of Acts, which demonstrates barriers being broken down between Jewish and non-Jewish Christians. Mary’s “let it be done” reflects the attitude we should all have toward God’s call to service.
Don’t ever think that you are too insignificant to be called to do God’s will. God has used all kinds of people from all walks of life, and continues to do so.

Prayer: Dear Lord, I know I am not worthy of Your grace by my own goodness. Sometimes it seems like I can’t understand why You need me to do what You ask. Give me the same faith that was in Mary, Joseph, and all the heroes of the faith. Give me a heart that always desires Your will above all things. In Jesus Name.

Discussion Questions:

1. What does it mean for the Lord to “be with you?”

2. Has God ever called you to do something you though impossible? What was your response?

3. Since God normally speaks to us in ways other than sending an angel or in a dream or vision, how do you discern whether something is of God?

Application: Think of a task that God may be calling you to. Ask for His help in following it through.


  1. This is an incredible post. Thank you for sharing your insights and understanding about Mary.

    I have been on a path that God is leading me – a ministry to women. It was not until recently that I have been healed enough as a human being to appropriately direct women to the One Who Heals.

    Just this morning during worship I was talking to friend about how much God values women. After all He chose a woman to be the God-bearer.

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