Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | October 11, 2008

Come, But Come Properly Dressed!

Matthew 22:1-14

I think one of the things about Jesus’ parables that draws so many is that they speak to present-day situations.  Yes, some of the imagery reflects the norms and customs of the day.  However, Jesus’ parables touch on our fragile human condition, and make it perfectly clear that we only have perfect peace through knowing, loving, and serving Him.

Have you ever been invited to a party that’s the gala event of the year? It’s one of those sorts of parties where the dinner is truly a feast, the entertainment is superb, and everyone who is everyone is  there.  Then, someone just shows up, who’s on the guest list, while the party is in progress.  This guy is on the guest list, but he shows up in dirty, old, paint-smattered clothes.  It seems he didn’t take the time to change into more appropriate clothes, and is now angry because he wasn’t let in.

There’s a lot more to this parable than grooming tips.  The wedding garment that the guest in Jesus’ parable was supposed to be wearing, symbolizes how we are to “clothe” ourselves with Christ.  When all things are fully restored in God’s Kingdom, this is compared to a wedding feast between Christ and the Church.  The wedding garment should remind us of how we need to let Jesus be the Lord and master of our lives if we are to be invited to His feast in heaven.

How many know of someone who wants all the “features and benefits” of salvation without acknowledging Christ? While we must believe in Him, that belief must result in an active faith. Only through an active, true faith can we experience the riches of God’s grace.

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