Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | August 25, 2008

All in One

Romans 12:1-8

I think one of the “bedrock” hymns of the Christian faith is “The Church’s One Foundation”.  It can be found in most major hymnals, as well as collections of  traditional hymns.  However, in looking through an old youth hymnal once, I found an odd arrangement of the lyrics.  All of the stanzas were included, save for the third, which mentions, “by schisms rent asunder” and “by heresies distressed”.  It’s possible that this line was left out due to it being a youth hymnal.  However, it seems that a lot of the meaning is lost by not including this stanza.

Some have been raised in belief systems that teaches that truth is to be found in a denomination, not that truth is Jesus Himself.  Others have been brought up in groups that teach that the local congregation summarizes “the Church” as a whole, to the point of only recognizing the congregation’s own baptisms.  Neither of these  represent the unity that Paul expresses in his letter to the Romans.

Christians have a unique place in the world as God’s children by adoption.   By allowing the transforming power of Christ to work in us, we can overcome the  trials that keep us from knowing what God has in store for us.  A friend who has abandoned Christianity due to a toxic religious upbringing has often pondered how to know God’s will.  He, unfortunately, had been exposed to a minister as a child who taught that one had to give up everything and live as an itinerant preacher to truly follow Christ.  Ironically, this man did not live the lifestyle that he sought to impose on others!

When we’re open to God’s transforming work in us, we can know more about God’s will for us.  We need not be tossed around by careless doctrines.  God has made each of us unique, and given each of us particular abilities and gifts. We may not be called to wander from town to town proclaiming the news of the Kingdom.  Instead, we may proclaim the Good News by ministering to others in need, by teaching, or possibly by joining the ordained ministry.

All of us in the Body of Christ need each other. Let’s use our particular gifts the way God intended and help bring others to Christ.


  1. I agree that all us need each other and there is great need and good reasons which make us to stay by each other and without each other it’s really tough job to go smooth through our life. I think to help others and cooperate is the best to do.

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