Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | June 28, 2008

Why is a Dead Jesus Easier for Some?

A friend recently listed Jesus as one of several influential people whom he’d like to meet, all of which were dead. (his words) When I commented that Jesus isn’t dead, his response was to the effect of, “Well maybe he isn’t, but he hasn’t been seen in awhile.” The irony is, this friend considers himself to be a Christian, and not a particularly liberal one, either.

Why do some who profess Jesus as Lord disregard the Resurrection and leave Him abandoned in the tomb? After all, isn’t the ever-living Christ the center of our faith? If the Gospel is entirely about Jesus’ teachings and nothing more, Christianity certainly isn’t different from a multitude of other religions.

Maybe a Jesus who lived 2,000 years ago but was only a mortal being who’s dead now is less threatening to some. If Jesus is relegated to the category of “great teacher” (a form of thinking criticized heartily by C.S. Lewis), and nothing more, there’s no need to heed His call. A living Savior is a threat to those who have no desire to change their ways and listen to Him. Perhaps that’s why it’s easier for some who follow His teachings to treat Him as an historical figure lost in the depths of time.

It takes more than a moral teacher to change lives-it takes a Savior!


  1. A big AMEN to that! Nice post.

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