Posted by: AJ the Irish Lass | May 13, 2008

Note on a Special Ministry

Marianne leads a special Patron Saint of the Year campaign, in which she helps people to discern their patron saint for the year. I have been very blessed by this for the last two years, and Marianne is also offering another campaign on the fruits & gifts of the Spirit. More from her:

To commemorate Pentecost, how about asking the Holy Spirit to look inside you, deep inside you and pick out one particular fruit and one particular gift that is unique to you that He wants you to pray about?  He may want you to develop this gift and fruit. He may want you to share this gift and fruit. He may want you to be an example of your fruit and gift. Only you and the Holy Spirit will know. You may have an instant connection with the fruit and gift that the Spirit picks for you. Or you may wonder what in the world is He thinking? Everyone’s will be different and everyone’s will be unique, just for them.

P.S. It’s still not too late to receive a patron saint for the year! All you have to do is request one!

Please contact Marianne at

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